Frequently Asked Questions

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                                                Be sure to enroll as soon as possible.  This program has a limited number of slots available.



WV CONNECT is not a health insurance plan or an insurance company.  This program was designed specifically for WORKING WEST VIRGINIANS to fund primary and preventive health services and expand access to care for the working uninsured.

 As a member of this program, you are part of a Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH).  It is an approach to providing comprehensive primary care for children, youth and adults.  Team-based care is an essential component of PCMH and is inclusive of physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and other health professionals.  A medical home offers preventive, acute and chronic health services that are coordinated for patients and families by provider-directed care teams. Care within a medical home is accessible, family-centered, continuous, coordinated and culturally effective.


Proof of income can be any of the following documents.  You must submit proof of income before your application can be approved for the program.  This information is used to verify employment as well as verify your household income to determine if you owe the $30 annual sign-up fee.

A copy of the latest income tax return

A copy of the latest check stub

A letter signed by your employer which verifies employment


Are services at a hospital free under this program?

No.  The WV Connect program is only available for primary healthcare services.  This program does not cover costs incurred at a hospital.


What services are covered under this program?  Are labs or prescriptions free?

Only primary healthcare services are covered free under the WV Connect program.  Lab services are not free, but are offered at discounted rates (up to a 95% discount).  Also, prescription medications are not free, but the cost of the prescriptions are discounted if they are filled at any of our CCWV pharmacies Click here for an overview of the services included through the program.


Where are your pharmacies?

Click here for a list of location addresses, phone numbers and hours for each location.  Click here for an overview map of where our sites are located. 

Phamacies are located in:

  • Tri-County Pharmacy - Rock Cave (Upshur County)

  • Primary Care Pharmacy - Clay (Clay County)

  • Walker's Drug Store - Gassaway (Braxton County)

  • Marlinton Pharmacy - Marlinton (Pocahontas County)




How Do I Qualify? 

Persons eligible for WV CONNECT

· must be working

· must be 19 yrs old or older

· must have been without health insurance for a period of six months unless said coverage was lost due to a qualifying event.

· must not have participated in the Preventive and Primary Care Pilot Program in the last six months.

· must provide proof of eligibility such as a check stub or income tax return at time of enrollment


How Do I Enroll?

· Download the application form from the website or pick up an application form at any of our locations

· Complete the application form by completing ALL questions on the first page of the form.  A separate application must be completed for each individual in your household applying for the program.

· Look at the federal poverty level table listed on page 2 of the application to determine if you owe the $30 annual sign up fee.  Find the number of people in your household and if your income is OVER the amount listed, you will need to send the $30 payment with your application.  If you owe the $30 fee, you cannot be approved for the program until it is paid.

· Mail the application, a copy of your proof of income (as listed on page 2 of the application) and the $30 sign-up fee (if applicable) to:

Community Care of WV
PO Box 217
Rock Cave WV  26234
drop it off at any of our locations

· Once the application is processed, a letter of approval and a WV Connect member card will be mailed to you.


How will I know if I am approved for the program?

You will receive a WV Connect approval letter and a WV Connect Membership Card soon after your application has been approved.  Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing.


Where are you located and what are your hours?

Click here for a list of location addresses, phone numbers and hours for each location.  Click here for an overview map of where our sites are located. 

CCWV has nine (9) health center locations throughout West Virginia.  CCWV also has three (3) participating pharmacies.

You DO NOT have to live in the county where the health center is located in order to be eligible for WV Connect.

Health Centers are located in:

  • Tri-County Health Clinic - Rock Cave (Upshur County)

  • CareXpress & Pediatrics - Buckhannon (Upshur County)

  • Primary Care Systems & CareXpress - Clay (Clay County)

  • Big Otter Health Clinic - Big Otter (Clay County)

  • West Milford Health Center - West Milford (Harrison County)

  • Braxton Health Associates & CareXpress - Gassaway (Braxton County)

  • Little Meadow Health Center - Helvetia (Randolph County)

  • Northern Pocahontas County Health Clinic - Durbin (Pocahontas County)

  • Community Care of Marlinton - Marlinton (Pocahontas County)


What Does It Cost?

 The program has an annual $30 sign-up fee for anyone making more than the amounts listed in the table below.  After that, there is no charge for the covered services.  That’s right, you pay nothing for any of the healthcare services covered under this program.

If you make less than the amounts listed in the table below, the program is free—the annual $30 sign-up fee is waived and you pay nothing for any of the healthcare services covered under this program.




















Is my spouse eligible for the program even though he/she doesn't work?

Yes.  The non-working spouse of a qualifying applicant is eligible for WV Connect. 

Are Part-time or Seasonal employees eligible?

Yes.  As long as you are employed at the time of the application, you will be eligible for one full year from the date of approval even if you become unemployed or layed off from your job.  After that one year period, you will need to complete a new application and your employment status will then be reverified.


What is available for my children?

Only those who are 19 years old or older are eligible for the WV Connect program; however, there are other programs that may be available to help with the healthcare costs for your children.  One of those programs is the West Virginia CHIPS program.  CCWV has staff available to assist you with determining your children's eligibility for the CHIPS program and each CCWV site has application forms and staff available to assist with the application process.

Is this program the same as the Sliding Fee Program?

No.  The Sliding Fee Program is a completely separate program which offers reduced rates to patients who qualify financially under specific Federal Poverty Guidelines, regardless of your employment or health insurance status.  The Sliding Fee Program does not provide free services like the WV Connect program does.  If you do not qualify for WV Connect and would like to know more about the qualifications for the Sliding Fee Program, please contact us for more information. 


















WV CONNECT Poverty Level Chart

Family Size

200% of Poverty Guidelines

200% of  Poverty Guidelines

























For each   additional member, add